The project is split into seven workstreams.
Each of these workstreams has a sub group which reports into the overall Transforming Care Partnership.

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  1. Joint commissioning and integration – aligning financial processes, explore joint commissioning, jointly managing market
  2. Communication and engagement – stakeholder identification, creation of communications plan, effective communication and engagement
  3. Workforce development and culture – cultural audit, workforce development programme for staff, creating cultural change programme
  4. Children and young people – engaging services, developing new joint ways of working, person-led plans
  5. Autism – engaging with service users, including people in developments, enhancing support
  6. Service reconfiguration – deliver Intensive Support Team service, reducing reliance on bed-based care, grow housing and support services, developing meaningful day accommodation and employment opportunities , enhance services to meet needs of Children and Young people in transition, further support people with Autism
  7. Risk management – shared financial, quality, relational risk plan, mitigate risks through a Programme Management Approach

Involving Service Users, Carers and Families

The TCP is using the principles of Experience-Based Co-Design, and Co-Production to ensure that service users truly are at the heart of designing and developing services.

The TCP Programme Board through the TCP Briefings and by members of TCP Joint Operational Group attending Learning Disability Partnership Boards, the programme is starting to ensure that the channels of communication into and out of service user, carer and family forums are being developed.

We have carers and family members of people who use our learning disabilities and/or autism services sharing their experience, knowledge and expertise with us, as members our TCP Board, Finance and Activity Project Group and Berkshire East Capital Home Project Group. These volunteers work with us to help improve current services and develop new ones.

How to Provide Feedback / Get Involved

So far, the TCP has been created in collaboration with stakeholders, and it should continue this way. We want to hear from anyone interested in providing feedback or comments. You can do this:
Through your local Learning Disability Partnership Boards:


To help stakeholders and partners keep up to date with the latest around the Berkshire TCP, a monthly briefing has been created. As well as an update on key achievements and priorities for the programme, it also has useful links and articles to help with thinking around the principles of the TCP, events, reports and key contacts on the programme. It is aimed at partners and stakeholders.

Click below to see the latest versions:

Further monthly briefings will also include key dates of service changes, and updates from work streams – all stemming from the programme plan, which is owned by the TCP Programme Board and partners.

See our project group milestones for 2017 – 2019

Easy Read documents

It is anticipated our partners will work towards developing their own easy read updates around the programme for service users, so please contact your local Partnership Board for more information. [See list above]

Key Contacts in the Transforming Care Programme

For further information at any time during the programme please contact:
Head of Mental Health & Learning Disabilities, Berkshire East CCGs
Nadia Barakat - nadiabarakat@nhs.net

Commissioning Manager, Berkshire West CCGs
Sarita Rakhra - Sarita.Rakhra@nhs.net