Community and Voluntary Groups Make Top TIPS

Several community and voluntary sector groups met Wokingham GPs and nurses at a recent event held at Easthamstead Park. 

GPs and nurses from across Wokingham Borough meet up twice a year for training at events called TIPS (Time for Improving Patient Services).  In the past TIPS have been sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.  But, following a meeting between Dr Debbie Milligan from Wokingham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Katie Palmer from the Wokingham Borough Voluntary Sector Forum, it was decided to invite local community and voluntary sector groups instead.

With over 80 local clinicians in attendance, organisations such as Cross Roads Care, Age UK, Berkshire Carers and the Link Visiting Scheme took the opportunity to explain the services they provide and how they can help GPs and their patients.

Speaking after the event, Katie Palmer said "this was a great opportunity to develop understanding between local GPs and local voluntary groups.  All the groups feel they have really  benefited from attending."  Dr Debbie Milligan added "I thought the event went really well.  The CCG will now work with the Forum to see what we could do for the next TIPS event in July".

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