Improving services for patients: End of life and palliative care

NHS commissioners have begun a programme to transform local NHS services. This programme will ensure that people continue to experience safe, effective, high-quality care. It builds on the feedback we had last autumn, when we asked people for their views about the Berkshire West Primary Care Strategy and the future of NHS services.

In planning for the future, we need to make sure that services meet the needs of patients effectively, whilst achieving the best value for money.

The End of Life (EOL) project is part of this programme to transform local NHS services. It aims to ensure that patients who have been diagnosed as being at end of their life will have choice about where they are cared for and subsequently die, as well as avoid going into hospital for care that can and should be provided in their preferred place. The project also aims to ensure a personalised experience of the last phase of life that is as good as possible, including support to families, friends, carers and all those who are important to the dying person.

To shape end of life and palliative care services, we’re asking people to give us their views in an online survey on the Berkshire Health Network (www.healthnetwork-berkshire.nhs.uk The survey will close on 26 May 2016 and the feedback and views gathered will be used to inform how service develop in the future.

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