How to help your NHS this winter

Berkshire West's Clinical Commissioning Groups are urging people to take the pressure off local hospitals in the coming weeks by only going to A&E in a genuine emergency.

With winter being their busiest time of the year, NHS staff are bracing themselves for an increase in the number of people turning up in their emergency departments but often, people could have treated themselves or their families effectively at home.

Emmer Green GP and Berkshire West CCG's Urgent Care Lead, Dr Andy Ciecierski said: " The majority of people who get ill over winter shouldn't need emergency services. Very often, with a bit of advice, people can effectively treat themselves or their families for a wide range of complaints from minor cuts and bruises through to headaches, stomach upsets and colds.

"There are many treatments available over the counter which can relieve the symptoms of many common complaints and we are urging people to consider these as an alternative to using other parts of the NHS."

"We are working closely with hospital, community and social care colleagues to make sure services are in place for those who do need them over the winter period, with a focus of helping to keep people out of hospital.

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Keep yourself well this winter