Health Checks for over 40’s

The Andrew Peach breakfast show on BBC Radio Berkshire looked at the apparently low take up of health checks for over 40's in the area. Wokingham Clinical Commissioning Group issued the following statement to the programme.


Wokingham Borough has for many years been one of the healthiest in the country. Obesity and smoking rates are very low, as are admissions for cardiovascular disease. In many cases patients are already being screened opportunistically when they are seen for other problems. This results in the lower offer and take up rates of Health Checks in the area, which are only recorded if they are separately undertaken.

The Public Health team in Wokingham are undertaking excellent work to build a cadre of trained health check assessors who can offer health checks outside of GP practices. At a time when the news has been full of stories about the pressure on GP surgeries and the need to access NHS care appropriately, this initiative is welcomed. GPs in the area can continue to focus on the care of the frail elderly and those people with more complex illness.

Anyone who is concerned for their health should, of course, arrange to see their doctor. Wokingham residents can also rest assured that all health check information, wherever it is gathered, is shared with GPs to ensure patient records are up to date and any anomalies acted upon.

Read about Health Check on NHS Choices here: www.nhs.uk/conditions/nhs-health-check/pages/nhs-health-check-questions-faq.aspx 
Find out about Health Check in Wokingham: www.wokingham.gov.uk/socialcare/public/check 
Explore NHS Health Check data www.healthcheck.nhs.uk/interactive_map/south_of_england/thames_valley 

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