GP reassures Berkshire residents on NHS 111

Dr Andy Ciecierski, Project Board Chair for NHS 111 Berkshire and a Reading GP, would like to advise people that the NHS 111 service in Berkshire is provided by South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust which is a respected and stable service which also provides 999 call handling. "The service has a strong clinical presence in the form of nurse practitioners and paramedics supporting the health advisers who respond to calls. We planned the introduction to minimise any risks of a "big bang" approach and the modelling being used to predict demand and staffing is proving to be very accurate and this is being reflected in a good level of service."

Since phasing in the service, performance has been closely monitored and is meeting NHS England's standards for strong performance. Across the whole of Berkshire more than 45,000 calls have been received since the service went live. So far there is a 25% reduction in GP Out of Hours activity and below national average referrals to 999 of 7%. Over 96% of calls are answered within 60 seconds.

The service is under continuous review by the clinical commissioning groups in Berkshire to ensure it continues to provide a high quality, safe and effective service for patients.

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