Enabling technology based healthcare in our practices

GP practices across Berkshire West have begun rolling out a new clinical decision support tool, designed to make it easier for GPs to store and retrieve up to date clinical information. The new tool will mean a better experience for GPs and patients alike.

DXS Best Pathway integrates into existing GP systems and, during a consultation, will display a range of information including local clinical pathways, patient information leaflets and referral criteria, and forms.

Dr Jonathan Millar, lead clinician for the DXS project explains; “This tool will make life easier for GPs in that storing all relevant information in one place will mean more efficient GP practices. There are also clear benefits for patients, in the form of a better quality consultation with their clinician.” A video has been produced in which Dr Millar explains the benefits of DXS Best Pathway and demonstrates the system in use.

DXS Best Pathway is currently being rolled out to all GP practices In Berkshire West and the system is expected to be live in all surgeries by the Summer.


Notes for editors:

  • The DXS film can be viewed here - https://youtu.be/Vb3Qkq9AK1E
  • Photograph of Dr Jonathan Millar available on request
  • There are 55 GP practices in Berkshire West providing care to over 550,000 patients from 77 surgeries
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