Care Home services available

This section provides information on what services are available to care homes across Berkshire West and how they can be accessed.

Please see the sub-menus on the left-hand side for further information on:

  • Care Home Support Team
  • Rapid Response and Treatment Service
  • Care Home Pharmacists Team
  • NHS 111
  • Out-of-hours care
  • Pallcall


The Rapid Response and Treatment Service is a medically led multidisciplinary service whose aim is to support you to keep your patients/residents who experiences a sudden illness or deterioration of a chronic illness in their care home.

The Care Home Pharmacist team is designed to go into care homes to review resident’s medication/s. We

The Berkshire West Pallcall is a palliative care co-ordination service that offers a single point of contact. It provides helps and support 24 hours a day for palliative care patients, their families and carers.

This team is designed to go into homes and provide training and support to the care staff, with the aim of upskilling and empowering them to deliver an even greater standard of care where and when it is needed.