In a new approach, during the week of 24th April 2017, Wokingham CCG ran a week of online broadcasts, with the aim of reaching a broader group of people. 

People in Wokingham were encouraged to take to social media to find out about plans for healthcare in the borough over the next two years.

Senior GPs and managers recorded short films in which they describe how key challenges will be addressed and the improvements to services patients can expect to see as a result. The films were shared via the CCG’s Twitter account, @WokinghamCCG over the course of the week. Read the report from the week here.

You can view the films in full below:

Annual meeting and governing body meetings in public

Our Annual Meeting was held at the Oakwood Centre Woodley on 5th September where our commissioning plans for the year were discussed. 

The CCG governing body meetings are held in public four times each year. Members of the public are welcome to attend and may submit questions related to the agenda in advance of the meeting. Papers for each meeting are published on this page seven days before the meeting takes place.

Previous Wokingham CCG events