Wokingham CCG has a Council of Members (the "Council"), which is made up of a representative from each of the 13 member practices. The Council is where all the member practices come together to participate in the work of the CCG. It appoints, through selection and election, members of a governing body (the "Governing Body") and also has the power to amend the CCG's Constitution.The Council members are shown below.

Dr Debbie Milligan

Dr Debbie Millligan
Council Chair

Dr Will Beacham web2

Dr Will Beacham

Julia Bourne web2

Julia Bourne
Practice Nurse, Swallowfield

Nicola Brock web

Dr Nicola Brock

Dr Daniel Alton web

Dr Daniel Alton

Dr Manj Tawana web

Dr Manj Tawana
Wilderness Road

Dr Emily Parker web

Dr Emily Parker

Vin Grantham web2

Dr Vin Grantham

Hussein Hafizji

Dr Husein Hafizji
Wokingham Medical Centre

Dr Win Hlaing web2

Dr Win Hlaing
Burma Hills

Dr Richard Bishop web

Dr Richard Bishop

Dr Lee Chivers web

 Dr Lee Chivers 
Loddon Vale

Carol Oakley web

Dr Carol Oakley
New Wokingham Road

Catherine Reeder web

Dr Catherine Reeder
Woodley Centre

Dr Amit Sharma web

Dr Amit Sharma

Johan Zylstra

Dr Johan Zystra
CCG Chair

Miles Dagnall
Practice Manager, Loddon Vale