"GPs are very much at the "coalface" of the NHS, listening to patients and in regular contact with local hospitals. Also, our practices are responsible for keeping your prime medical record. As such, GPs are good at questionning data from hospitals and other services, and will challenge any information that does not ring true with the patient experience."

Dr Will Beacham, Board Member

Quality and safety is rightly at the heart of Wokingham CCG. As commissioners, it is important that we have mature, honest relationships with our providers and commissioning partners. 

We aim to work with our providers to ensure that the care provided to Wokingham patients is of high quality.  We recognise that there will be times when we will need to challenge our providers and ask difficult questions and we are prepared for this. 

You can download our Quality Strategy here.

Our Quality Strategy has four objectives:

  • To ensure that services being commissioned are safe, personal and effective
  • To ensure the right quality mechanisms are in place so that standards of patient safety and quality are understood, met, and effectively demonstrated
  • To provide assurance that patient safety and quality outcomes and benefits are being realised, and recommend take action if the safety and quality of commissioned services is compromised
  • To promise the continuous improvement and innovation in the safety and quality of commissioned services

A quality report is presented monthly to the CCG covering the three main measures of quality:

  • Patient experience
  • Patient safety
  • Clinical effectiveness

Patients' concerns and experiences are important to us.  Specific concerns are much easier to investigate than hearsay and rumours. Through our communications team, Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), Healthwatch, our member practices, this website and various patient  groups, we will continue to be responsive to any concerns raised about a service we commission. We will assess the situation and take any necessary action to resolve issues, and communicate back, demonstrating our commitment to adopting the "You said We did" principle.