Equality and Diversity is central to the work of NHS Wokingham CCG to ensure there is equality of access and treatment within the services that are commissioned.

The promotion of equality, diversity and human rights is central to the NHS Constitution and your life, your health and other national drives to reduce health inequalities and increase the health and well-being of the population.

NHS Wokingham CCG is committed to embedding equality and diversity values into its policies, procedures, employment and commissioning processes that secure health and social care for people.

We have used the NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS) to develop and prepare our equality objectives which are:

Better Health Outcomes for All

Make effective use of equality data within the commissioning cycle to prioritise commissioning of services and embed equality within Provider contracts.

Increasing awareness of the Equality agenda for CCGs and their Membership practices.

Improved patient access and experience

Improve equality data collection across all protected characteristic groups and use this to inform service developments.

Empowered, engaged and included staff

Improve training and development opportunities for staff at all levels for equality, diversity and human rights.

Inclusive leadership at all levels

Ensure Board members and senior and middle managers have an understanding of equality, diversity and human rights so that equality is advanced within the organisation.

Public Sector Equality Duty

The four Berkshire West CCGs (Newbury & District, North & West Reading, South Reading, and Wokingham) are committed to meeting their obligation to ensure non-discrimination in access to all our commissioned services, and to ensure that our commissioned services and employment practices are fair, accessible and open, and are appropriate for the local communities we serve and for the people we employ.

The Equality Delivery System (EDS), and the Evidence Summary template, are welcome and essential tools in helping us to ensure that equality and diversity, that is, fairness for all and inclusion, are an integral part of the health services we commission - at every stage, beginning with the identification of the needs of our local populations.

As part of our work on equality and diversity, we produce a report each year, (Berkshire West CCGs Equality and Diversity Report 2016/17), which sets out the way in which we fulfil our responsibilities arising from the Equality Act 2010 and meet our obligation to publish relevant, proportionate information showing compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty. We also undertake an annual assessment on our performance against our Equality & Diversity goals (set out above). Our initial assessment of our performance is available here, and we are working with local partners to respond to their parallel assessments.

Download the Public Sector Equalities Duties - Guidance for CCGs here

Workforce Race Equality Standard - Annual Report

Clinical Commissining Groups are now obliged to make an annual report under the Workforce Race Equality Standard - this includes data provided by HR and some collected from the staff survey. The report for 2016 is available here.