Quality assurance visits (previously known as ‘walk around’) are undertaken by commissioners to gain assurance about the quality and safety of services commissioned by the Berkshire West CCGs.

The purpose of quality assurance visits are to:

  • Provide context regarding the achievement with a range of minimum expected standards and to review areas of concern identified through other routes, e.g. infection rates, patient experience and SI management. 
  •  Provide additional observed evidence to the CCG Boards about the quality of care commissioned and actual patient experience, alongside any action taken to improve standards if identified as necessary. 
  • Increase the awareness and understanding of Commissioners and Board members, of the services being commissioned and the issues/challenges that the providers face in service provision. 
  • Provide support to providers (where possible) for quality improvement 
  • Identify commissioning priorities for future commissioning plans

Actual observation of the operational base provides a useful, practical and visual method of triangulating the evidence and giving assurance that the provider is meeting standards and are working within a quality improvement approach. It is also a practical way of involving board members and others in the monitoring of quality. 

Reports of recent visits carried out by the CCGs are attached below: