NHS Wokingham CCG is a clinically-led membership organisation and a fully authorised statutory public body.

The CCG has a Council of Members (the "Council"), which is made up of a representative from each of the member practices. The Council is where all the member practices come together to participate in the work of the CCG. It appoints, through selection and election, members of a governing body (the "Governing Body") and also has the power to amend the CCG's Constitution.

The Council delegates to the Governing Body the power to develop the strategic direction of the CCG and to conduct the overall management of the CCG.  

Further information about who sits on the Governing Body is available here.

The Governing Body appoint an operational leadership team (the "Executive") to manage the day to day operations of the CCG.

How we work with neighbouring CCGs

In a number of areas the four CCGs in West Berkshire work together as a Federation to maximise their effectiveness in fulfilling their roles locally and to improve health outcomes across the area. This collaborative approach includes its approach to major areas of work that benefit from a larger scale perspective, as well as initiatives which have generated savings that CCGs have been able to reinvest in healthcare with new or extended projects. The Federation is not a legal entity. The CCG remains responsible for fulfilling its statutory responsibilities, but to assist it in so doing, it delegates certain functions to the Federation and will work with the other CCGs in the Federation to discharge those functions and make recommendations to the Governing Board.  

There are four main programmes of work that sit across the Federation and support all four CCGs in West Berkshire

  • Long Term Conditions – supporting self-care and integrated services, including disease management programmes for specific conditions.
  • Urgent Care – ensuring a consistent and integrated response to patients with urgent care needs, and that the right part of the health and social care system responds to meet their needs.
  • Planned Care – ensuring patients are able to access the right planned care in the right place and are seen by the appropriate clinicians. This includes redesigning care pathways.
  • Joint Commissioning – this maximises effectiveness and value across care groups that are usually commissioned jointly with social care, such as children and mental health.

With Wokingham Borough Council

The Borough Council's Health and Wellbeing Board enables the Borough Council, the CCG  and other organisations to work in partnership to develop joint health and wellbeing strategies, which set the local framework for commissioning health care, social care and public health.

All CCGs and local authorities come together in a Berkshire Partnership Board. In each local local authority area there is a Integrated Partnership Commmittee made up of the local authority and the CCG to promote joined-up health and social care services.

With Providers

Wokingham CCG works with many partner organisations to deliver healthcare together, including: